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    is possible to set up date at car rental become date block example

    i will set up the gust can not book last minute but can be book 2 day at advance , the date can blok and can not choice whit customer

    can you help me please>



    You can try Minimum stay option and Minimum days to book option in Car Options tab when you edit car.

    Our document will show you more details:

    Car Options


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    The problem is your location, pick up time, pick up date is not enough to check condition so theme still allow to book.

    I have reconfigured the car setting for you an create this car to check.


    Now if you select date, time and it does not meet the car option, you can not book the car.

    Please check again.

    Thank you.


    ok let me check

    can you advise me the price of equipment is not working, after we input the price still zero??

    can you give me example



    The problem is you have set exchange rate for your currency to 0 so the price is $0.

    I updated it for you.

    Please check again.



    thank you very much for your help one question again

    is possible air port transfer we set up between location like
    aiport to Kuta,bali price Idr.500.000

    i check is only hotel


    Car transfer only support Airport and Hotel type. You can create journey from Hotel to Airpot, Airport to Airport, Hotel to Hotel.



    thank you very much for your help im happy for your respond


    I hope you’re happy with it.

    Your satisfaction is our pleasure – Please vote and send your comments to us if you happy with our products and support.

    Thanks a lot and have a happy Christmas.


    dear bryan

    is possisble im use only date for car rental

    example: https://www.tiket.com/sewa-mobil

    when we choice date 1/1/2018 – 1/1/2018 the price is become one day
    if we choice date1-1-2018 – 2/1/2018 the price is become two day, example at website

    i want to remove time as examole

    can you give one set up form what i mean



    You can remove the time section to book the car and try the result.

    Normally, theme use time data to check the number of day to hire if it over 24h.



    i have try , but not working, please help me to set up as my example


    My image will show you the setting need to config and then you can try to book again with my test car post.


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