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    Hello , I dont know installation may be hire someone to do it , ı added theme to my hosting , a desiner has to know any source code to install theme or not , because everthing already in the hosting i think he doesnt anything , but , how can ı hinder him not to copy my theme ? I have Item ID code and Item purchase code.
    ı watched your guide video and while ı tryin to add traveler theme to my hosting the system telling there is no css style file thats why ı added by ftp now ı wonder if ı try to installation by myself what will ı do about styl css problem
    Thank you.



    You can follow this our video to install theme and plugins:

    Before install theme, please be sure your server meet our requirements for theme here:

    Requirements For Traveler

    Thank you.


    Hello again, I couldnt see first qstion answer How can ı hinder ………



    There is no way to hinder him can copy your theme. You have to remind him first about this issue.

    Also our document bellow will show you more details of register product:

    Product Register

    Thank you.


    I found an email. Support team wrote me that email may be 2 mounths ago I dont know developer source code of theme .

    1 – when ı buy this theme you guess l ‘ l give it to a desiner to make my website project , how can ı hinder him , not to take a copy my licence theme because I will pay and ı can use life time licence.

    After purchase you will have an purchase code for that license you can use it for your for life time update our theme. Don’t give that purchase code for other, just give to your developer source code of theme. Then you will use that purchase code for get help from our support system. Each Regular license will have 6 months support technical you can use theme and renew support time any time you want. You can see if you want extend support to 12 months it will save you up to $43.



    After purchased theme, you will have a purchase code and use it for life time update and Support in 6 month free about theme feature as you description.

    About the way to hinder your developer copy your license or theme source, you have to discuss with him. We can not control it.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Hello again , ı hired a desiner and he wants from me to send him the orijinal zip file of theme that ı downloaded from themforest. ı just need to know my purchase code or like this file in this zip file or not ? ı dont want to give him my purchase code when ı need that code at future may be after checking you will see two or more users , then what can ı say you..ı need information please



    Only you know the purchased code. It does not stay in theme code so don’t worry, the purchase code won’t expose.

    You can send him the theme package that you download from themeforest so he can help you change the theme.

    Thank you.


    Thank you

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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