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    Hi there,

    As it is now, the Partner doesn’t know anything about Membership Packages until:
    1) He has registered
    2) His account is approved
    3) He accesses his dashboard

    Now, some people register and when they see the packages they desist from being a partner. This is a waste of time on both sides: for the partner and for
    the admin.

    Why not show and choose the Packages upfront on the registration page?

    This way, a possible partner can see and decide upfront what to do, thus avoiding 2 steps. And also avoiding unwanted registrations.




    After partner account has been approved, they login to dashboard, the membership package will open immediately to partner know.

    That is the work following of theme.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Hi Bryan,

    Perhaps in a future release, you may want to simplify this workflow. Partners could select a package and fill in the form on the same page, and directly check out from this page. That’s just an idea to make it simpler.



    Thank for your idea.

    Our team will check and consider to update it.

    Best regards/


    This is extremely required when we are scaling up and moreover simplifying overall process. If he is interested to opt as a partner, he will select the option then and there.
    if he opts for any payable membership, it automatically redirects to the payment page.
    Please do provide this option at the earliest.

    Thanks for understanding.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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