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    1 – Where do I find doc’s about Half Gallery Map, Hotel Alone Options and Layouts?
    2 – Is there a Demo_data updated with current versions?



    After each new theme version, beside the fixed issue, theme will have new functions, layouts for service. With old customer that has built the site, you can not import data to your site to get the layout so in order to get it, you can import our demo data in localhost or temporary site to get all the layouts then copy visual shortcode to use in your main site.

    You can refer my URL to more details.

    How to update new layout?

    Thank you.



    I looked into the doc’s information on Half Gallery Map layout and did not find it.

    I imported data to temporary sites, but unfortunately it is not updated. Detail made import through Setup Traveler.

    Where to find the Half Gallery Map layout and video tutorial?




    You can follow this video to build that hotel layout:



    Bryan hello.
    I’ll ask here.
    Video instruction for installing new templates, as here

    I asked you almost a month ago to create documents for the installation of new templates, how are the successes?



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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