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    I created this ticket a few months ago on previous support website, but still don’t get solution.

    The problem is that when you book the car from one language for any date/time, someone can book the same car for same date/time from another language even the car is just one.
    So, you will get duplicated orders, which you will not able to complete.

    I think, this means, that traveler theme doesn’t working with WPML plugin correctly.

    Support team knows about this issue few months already, but the problem still persists.



    Please provide your FTP account so our dev team can access to view your code and help you fix it.


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    I have transfered your ftp account to our dev team to check.

    It will take a 10 to 15 days to update it.



    Please, don’t update my theme’s version or files without notifying me.

    Because I make updates every day – new functions, layouts, cars, tours, articles, etc.
    So, I want to have a time to make backup.

    Is it possible?


    Yes of course.

    We will test on our system then inform you to update your system if it work properly.




    I have updated the code for your car types.

    You can check it again.

    Thank you.


    I asked you, don’t update my files without notifying me. But anyway you did it.

    So after this change the book now button doesn’t work any more/ I mean after you will select the pick up place and date/time Modal booking page doesn’t appears.

    I worked yesterday.

    So I can’t check anything.


    Book now button doesn’t work in cars only. I tours and hotels there is no such problem.



    I have restored your previous file and now the book now button working normal.

    Please check again.

    Thank you.


    Thanks, buy now button is working now but what about the main issue?
    Right now I booked the car for 1-3 murch 2018 from English language, and I can book the same for same dates/time from russian language.

    So issue is still here.



    I have restored the previous file and the new code for fixing multi language does not there.

    Can we update the code to fix the car issue in multi language right now?

    Please confirm.



    Could you please to tell me in which files you need to make changes?



    There are a lot files that need to change so it quire complicate to guide you change it so please back up all your system before we do it.

    All the change only apply for Car service.

    After that, you can wait for next theme update for other post type.

    Thank you.


    OK, I will let you know when backup will be ready.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)

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