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    Hello giagogrichiani,

    I checked your new site. You did not upload my custom with 3 files:
    1. inc/class/class.cars.php in do_add_to_cart() function
    2. inc/helpers/car.helper.php
    3. inc/travel-helper.php

    I did it and it is working now. Please recheck.

    Hai Nguyen



    Did you resolve this issue in last versions?
    I mean not only for cars, but for tours, etc as well.



    It has been updated on theme version 2.0.3. Our release log will show you more details:

    Traveler Changelog




    This is the full list of 2.0.3 log. I just can’t find this option here.
    What about you? 🙂

    December 26, 2017
    Traverler version 2.0.3

    + Tour Package “Tour + Hotel + Car + Activity” for booking.
    + Partner can approve booking from dashboard.
    + Membership allow set Services for Partner can upload.
    + More payment gateway (PayU, Skrill, Authorize.net, 2checkout).

    + Display notification message when partner create activity without field required.
    + Multi language for Calendar.
    + Support more file upload type in Form Builder.
    + Add more default sort option for element Search Result.
    + New currency in list currency.
    + Partner page can customization.
    + Require extra services.
    + Partner send email to customer before start day.
    + List partner running out of date.
    + Direct booking room in single hotel.
    + Range people discount for activity.
    + New hotel inventory layout that admin can update room available in it.
    + Reduce the number of years in Bulk Edit.
    + Display month that have tour available on the calendar.
    + Support Booking Fee cho Woocommerce.
    + Option to change Preload Icon.
    + Allow partner can sync Ical in partner dashboard.


    + Outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.
    + Display wrong Booking Fee price in Checkout page.
    + Can not book Flight Round Trip.
    + Wrong icons of Hotel Room Space element.
    + Flight – Automatically fill in destination field.
    + Display wrong number of night in single room.
    + Color field in Theme Options.
    + Check log list server.

    Traveler Release log



    That is + Multi language for Calendar.




    I still use 2.0.1. version of this theme, in which Hai Nguyen kindly resolved the duplicated orders (on multilanguage case) problem.

    The problem was that when you booked the car from English for any date/time, someone was able to book the same car for same date/time from Russian even the car was just one.
    So, we had a lot of duplicated orders.

    As i said, the Hai Nguyen kindly resolved this issue for us, so no one book the same car for same date/time from another language and it’s what we want to have, but we have another issue – now anyone can book the SAME car for SAME date/time from the SAME language even the car is just one.

    Any solution?

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    English is the default language. So, if you booked the car in English version of website, you can’t book the same car from the English version for the same dates, but you can book it from the Russian version.

    And at the same time, if you booked the car from Russian language, you can book the same car for the same dates from Russian Language, but you can’t book it from the English version.

    It seems, only default language version works correctly.



    It is not possible that suddenly theme function does not work anymore. There are have some setting you should check:

    1. I do not know which place that Hai Nguyen modified: Child theme or Main theme. You should check which theme you are using.

    2. The available calendar issue has been fixed in new theme version for WPML. You can update your system then check again.



    I confirm, this problem is resolved in version 2.0.5

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