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    Based on how things are setup with Woocommerce in this theme, is it possible to to add a currency pluggin that automatically adjusts the values of each currency?
    We are working with many currencies and to manually adjust currencies every couple hours on the site is going to become a full time jop and can cause massive problems if one currency drops or rises over night



    Theme does not propvided ​set exchange rate automatic. You have to do it manual by set up in Theme Settings > booking Options section.


    Yes I know it currently works manually, my question is: Do you know if there is a pluggin that we can add that will make these currencies dynamic. Because any site that doesnt have dynamic currency is pretty much useless because exhance rates can change so fast and the owners of the site can loose allot of money if a certain currency all of the sudden drops. You guys really need to look at this because its really very risky. Normally I would have my developers set this up, because of the fact that there is no actual product in woocommerce, we dont even know what to do here. Please advise



    I’m sorry that i can not suggest any plugin here to help you get the describe feature.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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