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    I’ve noticed that the shortcode [st_info_fullname] in email templates for partners only shows first name of partner, not their fullname.
    This shortcode doesn’t appear anymore in your list of email template shortcodes under Traveler Settings > Email Templates.
    How can I get the partner’s full name to show up in emails (when they register to become partner etc)?
    Is there another list of partner-specific shortcodes that can be used for email templates?



    Our theme does not provide that shortcode ([st_info_fullname]) for email template. Please check it again.



    Ok, what is the shortcode for partner’s full name, Bryan?
    This shortcode ([st_info_fullname]) was the default one when I downloaded Traveler theme – which DOES NOT WORK.

    Please provide SOLUTION without simply stating the obvious!


    I find in the code and unluckily, there are have no shortcode to display fullname for partner.



    Are you able to please raise this with your dev team as there is currently no shortcode to be able to display partner/normal user name (except for normal user only after they book a service).
    This might have just been overlooked, as it seems it is an important part of an email template.



    Partner or Normal user when booking will be understood as customer at all. There is no option to filter partner booking or normal user booking.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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