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    Hi there,

    Admin emails in another language than English are being received with shortcodes.
    Attached: example pic (email template text still not translated)

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Please help.


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    Partner dashboard does not yet supported multi language, partner only can post service in default language of site. So there is no service in other language to approve.

    That is logical problem.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Hi Bryan,

    That’s a very bad news indeed since you sell Traveler as multilingual, but it seems to be not completely ready as a multi-language theme.

    When do you expect to have this issue fixed?




    Some of our customer has also asked this function for the theme.

    The main issue is WPML plugin does not supported to edit content on front page while the partner dashboard allow partner edit the content on front page. That is opposite.

    We will check and improve it better on next version.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Hi Bryan,

    Now Partners can upload services in other languages, and they are listed OK.
    BUT, they can not be booked.

    An example in Spanish (see pictures):
    1) You can select the service, which is displayed OK on the Cart page.
    2) When you click the “Checkout” button, the Cart is emptied. You are unable to book the service.


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    I can see you are using to many plugin. One of it might conflict with theme function.

    Please deactivate it one by one then check again.



    Hi Bryan,

    I did tests by disabling plugins (except WPML!), but the problem remains.

    I have noticed the following

    1) Logged out: you can only check out Partner services when English is selected (default language).

    2) Logged in: check out is possible for any language.




    The booking steps is not correct. It is not our theme function.

    Also the checkout for woocommerce method was wrong too.

    Please use Checkout shortcode of woocommerce.

    Woocommerce Booking

    Please check again.



    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the shortcodes warning. I forgot that on some pages. However, this didn’t solve the issue.

    I have found the cause: a wrong redirection made by WooCommerce to the translated Checkout and Cart pages.

    1) I have deactivated WooCommerce Multilingual (the cart was always emptied at checkout).
    2) I have edited the permalink of the translated Cart and Checkout pages to keep the same slug in all the languages.
    Example for the default language:

    Example for other languages:

    Hope this will help other users.

    Thanks so much for your help!


    BTW, 2 little issues (see pictures).

    1) The calendar (date picker) remains on screen after selecting a date. You have to tap/click outside of it to close it.

    2) Is it possible to remove the icon from the notification/message?


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    1. We will update the tour booking calendar in next version so it will close after selected date.

    2. You can try this code in Traveler Settings > Styling Options > Custom Css to remove icon at the notice message:

    .st_notice_template > i {display: none;}



    OK, thank you very much for helping!

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