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    Is there an option to export theme settings?

    I’m using direct translation (changing .po file) to change wording on some buttons, etc. as detailed here.

    I’m using a child theme hosted on wordpress.com for Business, which supports the theme, but doesn’t allow SFTP access. Without access to SFTP, it seems the only way to add the new .po file is to re-zip the theme with the new .po file, delete my existing theme (and child theme) and re-upload. This would require me to set up the theme again from scratch.



    The way to translate is:

    1. Translate on your desktop.

    2. Upload translated .po/.mo files to live site.

    3. After update theme, copy translated .po/.mo files to language folder of new theme package and replace the existed files then update .po file to get all new words.

    4. Translate new word then upload to live site again.

    By follow that steps, your translated file still save on your desktop. You can upload to any site you want with that file.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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