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    I have some questions that I hope anyone can answer:

    1. Is there any way to modify the ST search form (screenshot 1), or st list of services? if yes, where? I would like to change the word “tour” (screenshot 2) displayed in a blue button on the location picture.

    2. Can I show categories of products with pictures, on the home page instead/and locations?

    3. How can I delete or hide infant and children when booking? (screenshot 3)

    4. Can I delete/hide Tour type? or add a new category of “tour”? such as class/lesson? (screenshot 4)

    5. Do you have any guide on how to setup social signup? because google is not working and facebook does work but with a new window.


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    1.2.4. Unluckily, there is no way to help you do it.
    3. You can turn off child/infant option in Price setting section of service edit page.

    5. That is personal info so there are have no guide to do.



    For issue 1, what if I use the word by word translation, would I be able to change the tour word displayed on locations by another word?

    For issue 5, I’m asking for a tutorial on how to set google sign up, so no personal info.

    For issue 2 and 3, I can’t do anything even by changing directly the php files?

    Other questions:

    6. Where do I find the tour ID? I just can’t find it so I can’t change the trending tours displayed on the home page.
    7. Can I edit the link to where the website redirects me after clicking on a location (on the homepage)?




    1. You can use poedit as our document to change any word you want.

    5. Google is no longer available to login via quick login function but they has provided new method. We will check and update it soon.

    2.3. The best way is you should find a developer to help you customize code and control it.

    6. You can edit the tour and find the ID in Url.

    7. Please wait for next theme version 2.7 to get single location page.





    You are welcome

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