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    Hello i have a few issues i need help with.

    1) Sidebar does not appear on pages. If i create a new page and select sidebar and the sidebar i want to use it does not appear. i have checked widgets and have content there to show, is there a particular format? Page partner, template etc that it needs to be?

    2) the flight search form for TravelPayouts extends when selected this has a knock on effect with mobile devices as it extends the background image. see attached.

    3) Is there anyway that we can change the link for top destination section, so instead of it taking me to a hotel search page it can go to a page that ive created. So if i click on Nevada it then opens up a page which i can list all handpicked hotels on, this is so i can display hotels using a travel payouts script. OR tell me how to create the same style grid where i can have an image with text with a custom link.

    4) Can i remove page titles? as i have a random space showing at the top of the pages that i create. i con only think that is because of the title? see image

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    1. The flight search issue will be fixed in new theme version that available for your update on next week.

    2. You can try to use this plugin to redirect the page:


    3. You need edit the page and upload Featured Image for the page to display in that section.




    1) How do i remove the page title? as i have a large gap between the menu and the header as shown in the picture.

    2) so is the redirect plugin for my question labeled No3 in my first post?

    3) Why wont the sidebars appear?


    I have tried redirect on the top destinations section but does not work


    Hello There,

    We saw that you had marked your ticket “Resolved”, hope you have done well with this.

    Please let us know if you need any further.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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