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    On my Traveler site I cannot get the second language footer to “stick” meaning when I set it on a page it just reverts to the English language version. My footers are called “Footer” and “Footer VN” for my Vietnamese version.



    You must set 2 that footer pages for theme option in 2 languages.



    Do they have to be the same name? Is that what the problem is? I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to tell me.


    I have TWO footers called “Footer” for English and “Footer VN” for my Vietnamese version. On any VN page I cannot the footer to “Footer VN” or anything else for that matter. I can set the footer in the theme options but that does not make a difference.


    OK, I tried a few other options (renaming the VN footer, changing the link name, recreating it) but none worked. Again, the issue is that I cannot set a different footer for my second language on the individual page footer selection. I change it, update, and it just goes back to the EN footer.



    It no need to have same name. Your site is in multi language mode that mean your site:

    – have 2 Theme Options

    – have 2 footer pages

    You need config in this language like exactly the setting of other language with true language for each.

    You should not use a page in this language for other language. It might display wrong content.



    I’m sorry but I cannot get the correct footer to be set on any page. It is set correctly in the options but cannot be set on a regular page. It also is not being reflected on the Tour pages which I assume is getting the correct footer from the Theme Options under the Page tab. I created an admin user for Shinetheme earlier so feel free to see if you can get it to work. My URL is http://sanjuansites.biz/tourtothecaves3/

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    I reset it so look for an email that was sent to shinehelp@shinetheme.com

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    I have checked your homepage in Vietnamese language and see you have selected wrong footer template.

    If you do not select any footer in single page, theme will use the footer template that you configured in Theme settings but if you select footer template in single page, it have higher role than theme settings to display.

    Please check again.

    Thank you.

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    What you have stated is very logical and the way I understood it should work. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I try to change the footer on any VN single page it will NOT change from “footer” to “Footer VN” or anything else including no setting. Please feel free to try it for yourself and if you can figure it out I would be very interested in what you changed. In addition, the setting in the VN Child Theme Options is set to “Footer VN” which I assume would control the footer on the Tour detail pages but those are also showing the EN Footer. Just as a test, I removed the footer selection in the EN Child Theme settings under the Pages tab and it made no difference. Somewhere the footer control is stuck on the EN “Footer” which shows up on every page no matter what changes are made.

    Hopefully we can figure this out.




    Your web site does not save new setting after each change. Everything go back after update page. Nothing change.

    Please contact your hosting provider to help you increase this number: PHP max input vars to be 3000 instead of 1000 as right now then check again.

    Thank you.



    As logical as that fix sounded it did not work meaning I still cannot change the footer selection on any VN page. If you run PHPinfo on that domain you will see the value increased to 3000 per your instructions.

    Sorry, I wish I had better news.


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