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    hello congratulations for your wonderful theme. I saw it, I love it, I bought it. But unfortunately after having it installed for 50€ some problems appeared.

    1. The search at the front page does not fuction. When i click search instead of getting me to the results of the search, its redirecting to the frontpage. What should i do to correct it.

    2.The is no sepatate tab for the rental room option? The room option there is in search options is only for hotels?

    3. There is no tab for the cruises?


    Hello sarotsen,

    I have checked your search page result issues. I have fixed it.
    Unfortunately, theme does not yet supported tab for the rental room and the cruises option.

    Thank you.


    Hi Huannv.

    Thank you very much for solving the problem with the search.

    As far as the rental rooms what you are saying is that although they exist in the dashboard admin list yet there is no option to put them in the tab search?
    Is there any other way for peaple to search fir them?
    Do you have any suggestion?

    I realy appriciate your help. Thanks again


    Hello sarotsen,

    Sorry for inconvenience. Currently, theme does not yet supported search rental room.
    We will consider to update it soon.

    Thank you so much.


    Hi Huannv

    Thana for your responce.

    If possiblw Please let me know when the update is done

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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