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    I have already generated google API, already my account with credit card, all set! i copy the api into google maps in the Theme settings. however, maps are not shown



    You can try this key then check the map again:





    this is what is shown now using any of the two api you provide

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    You can try again with this key:




    that API works now, i am able to search in the address field, however, the map remains blank. in public web it showns the changes, but not when setting up the map. so if I need to move the pin to the exact location, it wont work



    Yes you have to select location on the map for your service to display.

    Tour Location



    map in blank

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    It is zoom too much. Please zoom out the map then check again.



    even the map is still not shown when editing, I see you have enable long/lat editing manually in the theme update, so in the public web I can see exact location already. thanks



    Theme is not allow to manual enter lat/long for the map location anymore. You can only search location on the map and select right location by mouse.



    well I have installed the new theme update TODAY and now it works manually. Before fields were disable. It must definitely have the fields enable to manually add lat/long since maps are not always updated. My issue was solved even you didnt know


    You are welcome.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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