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    Hi, I’m trying to put google key following your instructions but I can’t solve that problem. I could install google maps plugin to contact page and it works, but when I put the key with your instructions it shows me mistake.

    Please, I need your help,


    The Google maps plugin works with contact page, but when I open rental doesn’t works. I need a solution as soon as possible. Thank you very much.



    You should increase PHP max input vars to 3000 as our requirement here:

    Requirements For Traveler

    to make theme work better.

    then try to get new key for your site:

    Google API


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    How do I increase Bryan?


    Problem resolved, thank you very much!!


    Hello Joelmir,

    You should contact your hosting provider to get better help in case to increase the server set.



    Hi, I have another problem, when I changed in WooComerce/Settings/finalize purchase/purchasing process and I mark “Allow final purchase as a guest” and I check if it’s solved, the unregistered user can’t buy the product (this is perfect for me because I need they register before the Checkin process). But the problem is when user try to buy a product, the page stays loading for a long time instead of redirect to login page, and it does not work.

    ¿How can I solve this problem? Thanks for all,




    You can turn off that woocommerce function and change to use our function that user must register/login to book service.

    The option stayed in Traveler Settings > Booking Options > Allow guest booking.

    Please check again.



    It still doesn’t works, How I can solve this? Please help me please


    The problem is in the Preload option, because when I disable this option Chekin Process works totally, but when I enable the Preload the page stays loading like a loop instead of redirect to login page.

    Please, I need a solution soon, thanks,




    You should deactivate all 3rd plugins because some of it has conflict with theme. Also do not forget update theme/plugin to latest version to make it work properly.



    Thanks for your advice. I need one more please. How I can translate Dashboard Partner User? It’s in English and I would like to translate to Spanish. There is an option? I revised all pages and there isn’t! Please I need to solve this as soon as posible.




    You can follow our document to translate it:

    Manual Translation


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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