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    API key created and registered
    Theme Settings – Other options – Enable Google Map and Google API key
    In Google API key restrictions specific websites:
    Element: http://lhn.a16.myftpupload.com/*
    Element: https: //*.goarenaltours.com/*
    Note: Same problems happen if there are no restrictions for websites.

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    Hello There,

    Please take note that Google Map ApI key is not free supported any more. You need to purchase a new and one to able use this. Kindly, refer here:

    Google API

    Other way, you can use Mapbox for this case. Please choose one to use onle. Please let us know if any result later.



    I already did what is indicated in the instructions of your link, so I wrote in the previous message that “API key created and registered”, then where I put API key created in Google “Theme Settings – Other options – Enable Google Map and Google API key “and finally the restrictions for the key configured in Google Developer’s” Element: http://lhn.a16.myftpupload.com/* “and” Element: https: //*.goarenaltours.com/* “. I also note that even without setting restrictions it doesn’t work either.


    hello aixacr

    first create billing account,update your billing info/credit card/auto recuring bedit card information in google map api console and link this billing account to your project..its mendatory to enalble billing for using google map api..

    otherwise as huannv said use maobox,its easy ..(mapbox not work for travelers catransfer service)


    Thanks, it is correct it is necessary to enter card data, in addition to creating API key.


    Hello Guys!

    We’re appreciated to both of your kinds. and thank you fro your helps “satish_neel”.
    Please keep doing business well and let us know if you guys need any further.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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