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    Hey Shineteam hope your fine and have a nice day hopefully you can help me with 2 issues that I got since I imported a demo.

    I imported a demo yesterday 1 click and got nice demo thats awesome but I got 2 problems

    1-When i go on my website unlogged as a normal user I cant see the webite I can see only a .zip file to download like ohayo-trop.com.ks or zip

    2- Since I imported the demo I got a bunch of Mixed contents which make my ssl useless to do have any tips to hunt those mixed contents otherwise that to hunt it manually.

    Thank you very much have a nice day guys

    Arthur .


    Hey I refresh the topic since I didnt got an answer please let me know about my request about those things


    Thank you for waiting.
    I can not login to your server via FTP account. Please check again and provide for me a correct FTP account so i can help you better.
    Thank you.



    Should I provide you the log in the conversation directly ? Or in the ticket request ?


    Hello Arthurdav,
    Thanks for your response.

    I have checked again, your plugins is caused of the problem. Please deactivate each plugin and check again.

    Thank you.


    Yes it was Thank you very much for your help as always.

    Sorry I have an other question about my mixed contents that I got when I imported the demo how to remove it quickly ?

    Thank you very much


    Hello Arthurdav,

    Sorry for inconveniences. You can not quick remove demo data. Our demo data contains setting, layout and pages required for theme. Please remove data by handmade.
    Thank you.


    Is there any plugin for that ? Or tool I wanted to find something to do it I mean handmade is slower



    Do you want to complete remove all data, settings, layout…? or you only want to remove demo tour post?

    If you want to remove all of it, you can use Reset WP plugin to reset your data of your site then you can build it from the beginning.



    Thank you for your asnwer you helped me really well.

    Last question
    during loading pages there is an animation where can I disable it ?

    Thank you



    You can disable preload option in Traveler Settings > General Options > Preload option.

    In next theme version, you can change the clock to other image of Gif file.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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