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    Dear Team,

    I have set some images in “Imagen In” and set some images in “Images Not In” in ST Search with background gallery but why still all my gallery showing in grid (like brand logo etc)?
    I want just some images have selected are showing on the grid, not all.

    Please help to do it.


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    Please upload more image you want to use to IMAGE IN section and leave IMAGE NOT IN empty.

    We have create that section for when your IMAGE IN does not have enough image, it will take more image in IMAGE NOT IN to display.



    Hi Bryan,

    Kindly check my homepage now. I already leave on “Image Not In” There is there are pictures that I do not want to show.
    so how many images in “Image in” ???

    Please check my wp-dashboard.




    As i can see, your header using 6 columns and 3 rows so there are have 18 images. Each box need 2 image to switch so please upload 36 images to IMAGE IN then check again.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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