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    Single hotel is a mini-site in traveler. ?
    How can I give them a hotel member’s package on Hotel single?
    Can the parnet set up its own Hotel single page?
    How to configure Hotel single Home 1 for example?
    I would like the Booking.com API calendar and the possibility of changing the partners’ end dates in the Partner dashboard.



    Currently, only admin can build the layout using our element via visual composer plugin.

    Partner will select the layout in your dashboard when they creating service.

    Also here is our document of booking.com api for you:

    Booking.com System



    Thank you for your answers, about booking.com, it’s the ICAL calendar as it exists for Airbnb that I wanted to know if it exists at traveler



    My image will show you the way to get ical of Airbnb system.


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    and Ical of the Booking.com system


    Theme does not yet supported ical from Booking.com. It just allow to create the search form to search available service.

    Booking.com System


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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