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    Well, i tried to change 2 things, the top header and put the social media and other information but nothing happens, it doesnt show any information, and i had to change the color with css because with the theme settings dont do anything, and how could i change the bottom bar of the footer, and also the information of the mailchimp module that is always before the footer?
    And also, when i tried to translate the theme to spanish, i used loco translate, but it only shows me 564 lines but your theme hve more than 4000, how could i translate all the theme with loco translate and not with poedit?

    And well i noticed that you tell in the theme options that we could use a icon font of flat icon, but it seems that flaticon dont export font icon anymore, how could i use this?

    And how could i show the post of blog, only title and some excerpt and a small image? because i tried with your shortcodes in the footer, but it shows me a big image only.
    i wroted all my questions in this topic to be more faster.

    i sent you my website credentials



    1. You can check the setting for topbar item in Styling Options > Topbar tab.

    2. You can use Poedit to translate the theme:

    Manual Translation

    3. Theme is currently supported fontawesome to work.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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