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    Hello, thank you for your support. I get many error pricing! i use version 2.0.0 with payment method by submit form.

    1. Error pricing email for admin, partner, and customer
    The price is not match with the tour detail price.

    2. Error pricing invoice at admin, partner, and user booking history
    The invoice detail price is not match with price tour detail price.

    3. Error pricing details at booking success page

    4. Error pricing download invoice button at booking success page.

    5. Error booking status in partner or customer area
    When customer place to booking, they get email confirm. If customer not already click CONFIRM button, the status is pending. When customer click CONFIRM button, the booking status on customer and partner area is “complete” not pending or incomplete. But in the admin (tour booking options) it give status pending or incomplete. Please give me the detail the workflow of booking tour!

    i try to give you in detail so dont ask me to tell you more detail. You can login to my site and create booking to see what happened.



    1,2,3,4. Please check exchange rate bettween currency in Traveler Settings > Booking Options > List Currency.

    5. Please update to latest theme version 2.0.1 then check again.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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