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    Kinldly appreciate that tell me how to fix this problem, I have 2 days trying to figura out what to ado, the problem is:

    1) When I create a Tour or activitu, the price I set up in tap “price” $125 USD but when I select to make the check out it appears $0 USD.

    Please, advice me about it!!

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    Hello There,

    Sorry for the issues that you got. we had check and made the quick fixed for you. Please have look at double check again.

    Let us know if any result after.


    Miss Thao


    Hi Miss Thao! Thanks for your fast support but still I have the same problem, please help.



    Hello There,

    I had checked your activity and saw that you did not set price on availability calendar so the booking price will be $0.


    Please check again and setup in this calendar, after that its will work well for you

    Moreover, thank you for gave us full detail as admin and FTP, for secure reason for you, next time please mark it in private ok.

    Have a nice day

    Miss Thao


    Hi Miss Thao,
    Thanks for your great support.
    The issue is the following, I’m going to talk for sections:

    1) Price means= Price per the Tour /Activity where per the “price” can go 1 or 6 people at the same price.
    2) Availability= It charge the price per every person, so, example:
    Ground transfer service in a van: Price $120 UDS (The same price for 1 or 6 people)
    Now if are 6 people it charge “$120 USD x 6 = $720 USD.
    I hope is clear this explanation.
    My best suggestion, is maybe, that I could turn “availability” function “OFF” or “ON” depend of the activity/tour it require.

    Thanks so much!


    Hello Friend,

    Before i answer to you, i would say sorry if any of my misunderstood about your point. Right now, I do understand and give you the explain as the following information:

    1. Price in tour and activity, set by person From – to as You can set from 1-6 person this price, from 7-10 another price.

    If you want fix price as 1 or 6, you need custom for this.

    2. Availability function allow you to set period price for tour and activities. You can manual to setup in there and the system will calculate by your availability set up.

    Thank you for your suggestion, unfortunately we do not support this function yet. However, I respect your ideal and i will pass this to our Dev, we may update this in the future if possible.


    Miss Thao

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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