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    Good morning, how are you?

    I am using the traveler theme and we are at the end of the project, but we have seen a requirement of the client that is not answering, but I do not know if there was a lack of configuration or the system does not answer even, could you help me with this?

    follows the problem:

    in the inventory of the hotel, it has a calendar that contains the days and numbers of the rooms available for the days, but the client wanted it to be dynamic and can change the number of rooms available depending on the day: example. day 19 has 10 rooms x available for rent, but day 20 will have 15 rooms x for rent ….

    I wonder if the theme supports this or not …

    Link with the explanatory video:

    Thank you very much, it would be a tremendous help.

    I’m waiting.



    Temporary, the inventory automatic take the room available to display and it does not allow to edit in order to change the room available number.

    Thank you.


    Eu preciso trabalhar com a quantidade de quartos disponíveis por dia.

    Como fazer?


    I need to work with the amount of rooms available per day.

    How to make?

    Are there any plugins that do this?



    That is new feature come with Traveler version 2.0 and it does not allow to edit to update available room.

    We will check and update it soon on future.

    Thank you.


    Good Morning!!!

    Every site hosting this process is the heart of the system … including booking.com, whose theme is a copy of it, the owner of the hotel (partner) he only provides some rooms for the site, and can at any time enter and remove or put more rooms per day, without changing what has already been configured.
    Can we pass the business rule would you be able to develop this process?
    Since this is the heart of the system, our client does not want to accept the project because they lack this option, the rest is very good, just missing this part.

    What is the update forecast?

    Thank you very much.


    Good morning.

    We have updated that feature and preparing to release new theme version tomorrow and you can edit room available in Inventory listing as you want.

    Please wait a few hours then update your system to get that.

    Thank you and have a nice day.


    Good Morning
    Excellent news!

    You are very good!

    Has the update left?





    The new theme version has been released. You can check on themeforest then update your system then check again.

    Traveler Changelog

    Thank you.


    Good Morning

    The Theme has been customized and translated for Potugues-Brazil.

    I wonder what files have been changed to fit the inventory part. So I would only trade these specific files.

    Thank you

    Happy Holidays!


    My image will show you the file to customize it.


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    Good morning mate,

    On an update, this is not a season we needed, this part of the value is already correct on the page of the rooms, the way is being done, it is great, what is needed, in the edition page of the Hotels, is editable THE NUMBER Of rooms so that the partner can change the agreement with the availability of the available numbers.
    Example: As before, without this update without the mass edit button just on the inventory screen, where the hotel rooms and the number of rooms available, there is a way to edit the number of rooms available without page room, places of the hotelier that there are 60 rooms, but for the site it only has 20 rooms for allocation, this is developed on the inventory screen, but if in a fds without movement o The hotel owner can enter without site and in the inventory part of the hotel to Modify for day “X” makes 30 rooms available instead of 20, the system should check if 30 is less than 60 (number of rooms added on the screen of the rooms) and make rent control in that field (inventory on the hotels screen )
    I’m uploading a video so my explanation is better.
    Exactly for the website of booking.com and this is crucial for the website owner and hotel owners to not happen to sell rooms without them.
    For reporting only, a part of editing edit rooms without cost, a portion of editing hotels, is a time for an edition edition of hotels, but it is a possibility to modify the number of rooms available and not the prices for rooms, making the system respect these numbers that can be modified day by day.

    Thank you very much.


    follows the link showing how bad it was in the wrong way:




    It seems there are have misunderstand between us.

    In latest theme version 2.0.3, partner can set price for room and make it available or not available in Inventory section.

    One hotel can have many rooms so there is only way to update number of room is edit in each room. Theme can not understand which room have more number room available if you increase number of room available in Hotel Inventory.

    Please check again.



    Hello good day.

    Really, you do not understand.

    The Partner must provide the number of rooms, in addition to the prices that already works perfectly.

    Attached is an example of another system. It should work the same.


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