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    I am waiting for your immediate help on the following topics.

    1) travel payout

    I installed the Travel payout API on my website. However, hotel search and airline tickets do not work.

    Sometimes nothing can be written in the search bar. Sometimes searched on a blank page, are not available and invalid.

    I would like to do all the transactions on my own site, I need a white label. I performed the steps to create a white label in the direction you are transferring.

    Please enter my user information and make adjustments via my site? This does not happen at any step of your article.

    2) Hotels Combined

    you can find hotels in this bar but the places on an unprotected page. I transmit his screenshot.

    3) Booking.com

    I could not activate the Booking.com API and the white tag.

    Waiting for immediate support. Instead of writing standard articles, please log in to my site and attend me.

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    1) Please note: In your other ticket, you did not provide the right information so i can not access the site to help you check it.

    2) What do you mean about: “places on an unprotected page”​? Did you try to enable SSL protocol for the site to keep it save.
    3) Please provide more details of this problem so i can help.
    Our document bellow will help you set up booking.com api:


    1- You’re not helping me even though I gave you my user information correctly. You’re doing this on purpose. You close all my help questions because your user information is incorrect or missing. You got a problem with me? I’m communicating the correct information. I’m going to throw you pictures of my private passwords again. Please consider. I’m logging in with this information.

    2- The hotelsCombined page with security error is not related to my security settings. My SSL certificate is enabled. I’m forwarding a picture of the page where I received the error.

    3- Please help me by linking to my site instead of sending a redirect link.

    You must be logged in to view attached files.
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    – About Travelpayout.

    You should create the page for the Travelpayout result page. (you can follow step by step in the guide)

    TravelPayout Whitelable

    TravelPayout’s Elements

    – About the HotelCombines.

    You can follow in the guide at

    Hotelcombined system

    Because in Theme Setting is demo of our theme with hotel combine.

    Thanks for your understand.


    I tried these steps, but I couldn’t. Can you please connect to my site?


    I tried it step by step, but it doesn’t work. Again, can you do it? I gave you my passwords. Can you connect and do it? I’ve said it over and over, but aren’t you connected? You always have an excuse.


    Hello There,

    We are apologize our late reply, please have look at the information:

    – Our Dev had tried many times to login with your site and account that you gave us in here and other ticket however no success.

    Please double check on this and give us the correct account again (private)

    Looking forwards to your confirmation.


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    Although I pass all the information, you still do not return. why don’t you help?


    Günlerdir bana yanıt vermiyorsunuz? Neden cevap vermiyorsun. Neden işini yapmıyorsun? senin sorun ne? Seni şikayet etmek istiyorum.

    This reply has been marked as private.

    You logged in with the password I gave you. So my password was correct. But you’re still not helping me. You just give the same answers every time. I’d like you to log into my website and do it for you. You insist. Could you please correct the error and make the necessary settings on my site?


    Hello Turkey19,

    We have no any reason to saying wrong about login, we just want to save time for both as our Dev confirmed they tried before however without success.

    As the last reply, we have mentioned about “SSL” issues that not belong to our control. So please contact with your hosting provider, to let them check on this and gave the SSL for you to config in Travel payout.


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