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    Hi , i can t find documentation about hotel alone. My question is
    1. Is it possible to set a hotel alone layout for a single hotel layout (hotel detail after we choose a hotel on search result) or when is on hotel alone mode then we can not make a classic search
    2. I am trying to customize the single rental and activity layout buy adding the featured image on top- full width (similar as it looks for room detail layout) but the image breaks everytime i set custom width and hight. In room detail it is set as class: fancy-responsive wp-post-image, when i tried to set it to single rental layout it doesnt work.How can i the layout for room copy also on rental , i tried that also for facility items and could not find the way



    1. We are working on to create document for hotel alone. It will available soon.

    2. Currently, that services does not support big header image when you view.

    Thank for your understanding.


    All right
    Can you just write me down steps how to set the hotel alone view for a hotel?
    I tried to set the layout, and configured in the page but nothing happens, like it is not recognized



    You can check our document here:

    Hotel Alone Layout



    Hi i have done everyting by the documentation but the problem is that i can not even publish the page for hotel alone
    I really tried

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    I created new page demo for you.


    Please edit and add your custom image for each element then check again.



    Thank you
    Is it possible to make HOTEL ALONE TEMPLATE AS A DEFAULT TEMPLATE FOR HOTEL DETAILS anf for booking rooms???


    I have inserted the Hotel Alone elements in Hotel detail Layout but it doesn t recognize it. If i set these elements in single hotel where i edit Hotel then also it doesnt recognize.



    Hotel alone layout only accept the [hotel single] element. You can follow our document to build it.

    Thank for your understanding.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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