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    Is there anyway to add this “Hotel Facilities” configuration item so that I can generate facilities information on my hotel main pages? In this implementation we only have the main hotel pages displaying on the site and have a link to my client’s primary hotel site at another web address. I actually found that I needed to add “dummy” rooms (one for each hotel and each language) in order for the search to work. Currently I just added a text block with my facilities information for each hotel but would prefer to be able to control the display/contents from the dashboard. I’m also not sure what the “Hotel Theme” configuration does but it’s probably not needed at this point. I believe the reason that it is not showing is because I did not load the demo data to my production site preferring to build it up from scratch. I have a test installation that does have all the demo data and sample pages that I have “borrowed” as needed. Attached is a screenshot what I think I should be seeing (taken from the test site).

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    That is type of attribute and it working like wordpress texonomy. You can create more type at Traveler Settings > Attributes section.

    Thank you.


    Perfect. Thanks

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