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    When I log in as a user I can not see the list of hotels.
    If I’m not logged in or logged in as an administrator then everything is fine. What’s the problem, please for help

    I send you test user acount information to check.



    This problem has been fixed in latest theme version 2.0.2.

    Traveler Changelog

    Please update your visual plugin to new version then check again.




    Hello Bryan,

    I update visual plugin but I still have a problem.



    When i activate your parent theme, the list hotel display well.

    Did you customize any code in child theme and it might caused this problem?

    Please check your child theme again.



    Yes, some part of code is cistomized with your help.
    Please see topic:

    Random List of Hotels

    What could be a problem?



    I think the order of result does not related to security issue that blocked normal user role can view the content.

    Do you have any other customized code?

    Thank you.



    When I delete file class.hotel from child theme, normal user can see the content.
    Only customization there is about random list, but I dont now exacly which part of code.You helped me to do that.Sory but, can you check that file because I can not find problem there.

    Before I used normal search result but now is ajax based search result. Maybe there is some probelm.




    This is quite complicated to guide you customize again and again.

    I have created a new task to update this option that allow admin can select Order By type for search result by default.

    Please wait for next theme update.

    Thank you.


    OK. Thank you

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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