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    Hi, I’m adding hotels, but they do not show up in search results. Only Demo hotels appear



    There are have 2 points you need to check:

    – Hotel will show up if it have at least available room.

    – Hotel options: Book before number of day and Minimum number of days to book before arrival. CUstomer only see the available hotel that can book at current time. Set these options to 0 to allow customer can book.



    I understood, but I did not want to book, just to show how to propagate. I will be using the booking.com system for online reservations. I saw what your theme has a partner option, but it was not clear to me how it works. If you can clarify to me, so that the owners of the hotels added their apartments and availabilities, forms of commission payment and taking as options of cars, tours, etc. from the partner panel, I would be grateful. if it is possible to use the theme as booking.com



    Our document will show you more details of Partner Feature.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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