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    Could you please tell me where to find the “hover effects” features as seen here: http://remtsoy.com/tf_templates/traveler/demo_v1_7/feature-hovers.html#?
    I’d like to integrate them into the mega menu.

    Thanks 🙂



    You can try this code to make the hover image effect:

    Your class {
        z-index: 1;
        display: block;
        position: relative;
        overflow: hidden;
        -webkit-transition: 0.3s;
        -moz-transition: 0.3s;
        -o-transition: 0.3s;
        -ms-transition: 0.3s;
        transition: 0.3s;
    your class >img {
        -webkit-transition: 4s;
        -moz-transition: 4s;
        -o-transition: 4s;
        -ms-transition: 4s;
        transition: 4s;
        -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;
        -moz-backface-visibility: hidden;
        -ms-backface-visibility: hidden;
        backface-visibility: hidden;



    Thanks for your reply!
    Can you please also tell me where I can change the “light” overlay colour to a darker one upon hover?

    Thanks heaps for your help!


    Never mind – I figured it out since there is opacity involved….


    I thought I solved this, but actually I am having no luck – could you please help out?



    Please description more details so i can help you better.



    So if you have a look at the hover examples on this page (in particular the ‘Holded Title’ examples):
    when you hover over them, there is opacity overlay – so the image goes lighter in colour when hovered over.
    I’d like to achieve the opposite – so that it goes darker instead.


    Here is an example of what I’d like to achieve:




    You can edit the element ST Image effect and select the style you want for your list image.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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