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    i goting problem with this theme

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    I have reset your data and try to help you import demo data but i can not login with your admin account any more.

    Please check the account again then i can help you import demo from beginning.



    Hi friend, ok i se what do you need to proside procede? thank



    I need new login credentials to access your admin dashboard to import demo data.


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    I have imported demo data for you.

    In case you’re seeing a notification in woocommerce status saying the theme includes some outdated WooCommerce templates, it means you’ve recently updated WooCommerce but haven’t updated the theme yet.

    Don’t worry about that.

    You can work normal without the fixing outdated templates. That file don’t affect to any function of theme and your site.

    Thank you.


    Hay i need fix me header page for the categories remove layout 1 2 3 etc… cause when customer go purches some thing, find that will confuse them plus me product didt show up on the front page for example recent product etc.. my logo didnt show up all so



    Hope you have nice Xmas.

    Please description more details about your wishes so i can help you better.




    All the header layouts and footer layouts was built by visual element with corresponding name.

    My image will show you more details.

    You can edit these page and config your settings as you want

    Thank you.

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