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    Equipments: Hello Team Shine Theme,
    I would like to ask for some new possibilities in you Theme that I need to start my Own business using your Theme.

    I have spoken with Bryan , He is a good professionalise but I can feel that He have never work in Rental business . If you would like I can help you to improve that theme to be more closer to business needs of rentals companies.

    What I mean and what I need:

    1. We rent apartments . When someone looking for apartment He can make an advance search about his needs. Example: 2 bedroom ,2 bathrooms for 6 person .
    If I have an apartment like that it has to be described in that way. In your theme no possibilities for that.

    I have put one apartment for 4 person. But in rental options I put 4 adult and 4 kids. The normal configuration can be 2 adult and 2 kids, 1 adult and 3 kids, 3 adult and one kids. In your system , they can put 4 adult and 4 kids and system will accept that. Please help me to resolve that small issues and I am pretty sure that all your Clients will be happy of that.

    2. He need to take a security deposits for every apt. But in every apartment is different amount . We have one that is 500 euros, other one is 300 eur. That is very very important when you work with Clients from all over the world.

    3.We have a city tax here like everywhere. City tax is 0,75eur by person by night . Any ideas.

    4.Last one. We can have a Clients same day. For example Our check in is 15:00 and check out 10:00 o’clock. So We make same day cleaning and give apartment after a couple of hours. We don’t sell day ,We sell nights. Can you just that.

    I am ready to pay for that adjustment no problem. But I would like you to know that I am ready to work with you in real business situation and my experience to help you to adapt your Theme to real business needs.




    1. If your apartment set up for 4 adults and 4 child, the total people can stay in that is 8 peoples.

    2. Theme only support deposit by percent of total price so it will be different.

    3. Unluckily, theme provide tax option for total price. It does not supported yet tax by people and by night.

    4. When you create hotel room, there are have an option to disable booking full day (Allowed full day booking). Please turn off that option to allow people can book the day that hired by other customer.

    Ex: 01/16/2018 and 01/17/2018 has been booked but other customer still can book 01/17/2018.

    Thank you.


    It os difficult with you.
    Example!Apartment for 4 person

    I can put:

    4 adult
    3 kids-cause they can’t be alone . At least 1 adult + 3 kids

    You system will accept 4 adult + 3 kids . Try and you will see, that I am right.

    System have to give them a chance to put every combination adults and kids but never in total more than 4.

    That is my problem



    If your apartment set up for 4 adults and 4 child, theme will combination adults and kids so total people can stay in that is 8 peoples.

    Thank for your understanding.


    You don’t understand me!
    So I will put 4 Adult and 3 kids.
    Apartment is for 4 person.

    They can be
    4 adult
    3 adult and 1 kid
    2 adult 2 kids
    1 adult and 3 kids

    But like your system is organised , will accept 4 adult and 3 kids on maximum in apartment for 4.

    So, for your example:
    If I use your example apt for 8
    They can’t put 8 adult
    Or 6 adult and 2 kids.

    Sir, I need that adjustment and I am ready to pay for that. Support me please



    If the apartment only allow maximum 4 peoples, you should set adult to 2 or 3, child to 2 or 1.

    Thank for your understanding.


    But if there are 4 aduld!
    You really don’t unerstand me or make me to look like sily!

    I have pay for 6 months support but there are no support.

    We speak same stupid think milion times

    I need some check like limit for max person in that apartment

    After that they can set adults or kids but not more than maximum



    Theme set adults and children separately. It does not provide field to set maximum people.

    So you should check and set adult and child for each rental to meet your rental capacity.


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    I know that!

    Once again ,can you do some small ajustment for Us?

    We will pay for that mbecause We can’t use that good theme like that!



    I just support theme function in this 4rum. According to envato’s policy, we do not accept custom code anymore. You can hire a freelancer to help you develop and control your site or you can submit us a request here: https://shinehelp.shinetheme.com/custom-service/ so our team can check and help you do it.



    Ok, I have written them and nobody answer?


    excuse me if I jump into the discussion, but me too think this is an inconsistency in the theme: usually a room (or an apartment) has a maximum number of people that can accomodate; then you can choose how many adults and/or children but always without exceeding the maximum capacity, this is obvious. So, in my opnion you should be able to set this maximun capacity and the theme should never allow the customer to exceed it.
    Thank you.



    Thank for your idea for our theme.

    All your feedback will help us improve the theme in next version.



    Hello Bryan , I have a problem with site . I have made a new installation and I have imported all services. After that I have tried a couple of times to ajust the Setting but when I touch save it cost an hours and every thime unsuccssesful. Can you check please!

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