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    Hello guys,

    how do I change these stuff,,

    for example group size is not useful for the website I’m creating, neither the languages nor tour type, yet its very important to type there the pick up time, the departure location and pick up time.. how do I do that?


    thats the image, I don’t know why its not visible in the post



    You can edit 3 files in this folder: traveler\st_templates\layouts\modern\tour\single for 3 tour layouts to custom the tour info section.



    Thank you Bryan,

    I wanted to ask if it is possible to enter the pick up time for the trip, and available days “ex. Monday and Wednesday”… and if its possible what should be the name of it to refer to it in those files I need to edit

    so for example if I changed tour type which is “get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), ‘type_tour’, true);” what is the post_meta for pick up time and available days..

    Thank you



    I am afraid that you have to custom code to change the tour layout.

    In this case, you need custom code that not belong to our support policy. Please ask for custom form other 3rd party do to this for you.



    Hello Guys,

    I just wanted to post the solution since I already made it so if anybody else need it you can do it..

    first of all, you can use attributes under theme settings..

    then add an Attribute for whatever you want as it says here “https://shinehelp.shinetheme.com/forums/topic/tour-languages/”

    then just go to the tour styles file here “traveler\st_templates\layouts\modern\tour\single” and edit the styles by simply searching for “Duration” and then edit it to the name you want, and under it edit the attribute name which is “$duration = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), ‘duration_day’, true );” in this case its “duration_day” change it to whatever the attribute you added previously through the admin panel ‘make sure to its same spelling as your attribute slug’
    then upload the edited file and refresh and there you have it..



    Thank for your information.
    It might help other customer a lot who want to make a custom for tour info.
    Best regards



    I am trying to do the same.
    Can you tell me if you used a child theme?

    Otherwise if they release an update doesn’t it delete/ reset any changes you made?




    We are recommend using CHild theme to keep the changes safe when update theme.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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