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    When I want to enter my hotels’ location I have to use mark up on the map and It’s quite difficult to find the exact location for each place. I already have the GPS coordination for each hotel, how can I enter the coordination manually, the traveler theme will not allow me to type the coordination



    My image will show you the way to set true location for your hotel.


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    I knew that I can use satellite view to find the location, but I already have all coordination and I want to enter the coordination manually. it saves my time alot.

    As you know for other cities when I don’t know the exact address I have to play with satellite view and spend lots of time to find the location.

    Why the text box is not manual or I can’t search the location?


    You can use search field in the map to find the location and try to view via satellite to set true location of your hotel.



    Even tough there is search box on the top of map. When i enter a location and press enter the page will refresh and nothibg happen.
    There is no magnify search icon to click to find the location.
    What should i do?



    Could you provide your site url and an admin account so i can help you check it.




    How do I change the images in Top Destinations?

    From the homepage as attached.


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    Sorry, accidentally posted here


    Hello Coryn,

    That is featured image of Location, you can edit each location and replace by your image.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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