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    No response for 2 days. And the ticket which wa a simple issue has taken over a month and still not resolve. Already a month of support as part of license is finished .

    Please do let us know how we get a refund.

    Do we apply in Envato.




    Our developer is fixed the location issue for you.

    Please check again.



    You were supposed to check and let me know after solving it.

    Are you playing around with me now just by writing this for,al one reply so that u take again one more day .

    I have already said earlier solve it how it can without deleting .

    Stop again asking me further questions . You have admin access and you can check what u want and solve the error.

    The locations or other attributes do not show when u add or edit new objects like hotel , rooms, car, activities,etc.

    And in theme settings please update the data and see the entire rot still there even after 35 days of opening this ticket.

    If you cannot then refund .



    @thoai has replied your ticket.

    Please check it again.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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