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    In traveler theme we can create different type of room and the Price is set for each room per night. how we can create a dorm and book each bed? we need to set price per person per night.

    Please advice



    The hotel and Rental set price by Night. In order to change the price type, you have to change the code to get it.



    Then how if I have a room with 20 beds? I need my customer to book the beds as many as they want, usually hostels provide dorm and we need to provide them to set their price per bed per night, we have more than 30 hostels and they are waiting for us to update information in our website.
    Please advice how to solve this issue, we don’t have programmer to change the code. and Usually this type of template should have features for hotels and hostels around the world



    You can suggest this feature for us at contact@shinetheme.com so we can check and consider to update it in next theme version.



    I believe it takes time to wait for the next release, may I know when will be the next update? I need this feature asap



    We are working on to intergrate some of API system to theme and update new features. So we have not yet offical release schudle.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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