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    Good day,

    I would like to use the white label but i need to edit colour and so forth.

    Please assist. Thank you



    We just load Frame data from TravelPayout to display in whitelable template.

    Please description more details about the place you want to change the color so i can check.


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    1. I checked your site and i can not find travelpayout search tab on homepage. Do you want to change the color on the top of whitelable page like this:


    2. The whitelable is a page to display the search result.




    Iv added the search tabs for you to have a look. In the menu, I got hotels 2 for now, which will redirect to the whitelabel. On that whitelabel I would like to edit it, so the colour matches the theme and to remove flights.

    2) Is it possible for my search travelpayout search tab to redirect to my whitelabel and produce the results searched there as well.

    3) How can i login into the travelpayout where my whitelabel is linked.



    1. You can edit background color for header of travelpayout whitelable in Travelpayout website.

    2. I do not understand what your question mean? When you search, of course the result will redirect to your whitelable page that you have configured.

    3. The whitelable only display search result of Hotel and Flight. After you hit on Book Now button, you will move to travelpayout page that contain that post to book.

    Thank you.

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    My query lies how do i access the travel payout whitelabel in the website. The white label came with the theme. So im confused on where do i retrieve the login details for the travel payout accounts thats come with the theme so i can access the whitelabel and view all data aswell



    Theme only using whitelable template to display frame data of travelpayout. There is no option to login with Travelpayout account.

    After hit on Book Now button, you will redirect to Travelpayout site that you can login to book.

    Thank you.


    Good day,

    Yes i know theme uses the frame to display the data.

    I can refresh my question to this. How do I input my own whitelabel instead of uses the own in place. I see the API has a marker number.

    I made an account on travelpayouts and have received my marker. Please assist on how i can now use my own white label.

    e.g. do i make a page, then insert link. Please explain step by step how i can insert my own white label. Thank you .



    You can build your whitelable on Travelpayout site and go to Traveler theme to create new page with Travelpayout search result template to display your whitelable data.

    TravelPayout Whitelable



    THanks I have made the whitelabel (whitelabel.arrivip.com)
    and make a page and called it whitelabel.arrivip.com using the travel payout search result template as instructed.

    In the API config, i have chnaged the marker to my own as well as selected whitelabel.arrivip.com as the whitelabel search page.

    Im unable to view the page. Please assist on getting it up

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    If you have created whitelable successful and configured CName in your hosting, you have to wait 72 hours later to use.



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