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    Here is a post : http://lookategypt.webhostingegypt.com/siwa-oasis-best-places-to-visit-things-to-do/
    I want to make it have an image as the first thing on the page and on it to be written the title of the post. i.e. to be something like this http://lookategypt.webhostingegypt.com/tours/best-egypt-tour/
    But with only one image (preferred to be the post favorite image) and not a slide show.
    I can see that I don’t have a control of the post looks before the title. I only can control what to show after the title. But I want this title to be shown on an image like explained.
    How could this be done ?

    One more question. Why is the post tittle repeated ? Once in a very bog font and second time in smaller text ?



    They are 2 different post type. One is Post type of wordpress default, one is Single Tour type of our theme.

    Please check again.



    Yes I know. I am talking about the default WordPress post and also the pages. In both I dont have control to add something at the beginning of the page. I can only add data after the page title.
    Is there a way to remove the page or post title so I can start placing my picture as a background of a column and write the title over it.

    Can this be done here ?

    In many themes I used before I always have the option to control the page from its start.

    Hope we can do it here as well.



    Yes i can help you remove the page/post title. Please config your post/page then give me the example link so i can help you remove it.



    here is a sample post. and in the screen shot I show you what I want to do.

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    You can use this code to remove blue line under menu:

    #menu1.main_menu_wrap {
        border-bottom: none;

    Also with the single post of wordpress, it does not allow to full width. It was set by default width of container.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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