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    Hi! on my website I will sell tours that for example will last 10 days and will go from point A to point B so the default maps indicating a generic point and integrated in the default theme are useless to me

    How can I remove them from my all templates?




    You can remove map element from tour layout if you do not want to use at all.

    Tour Single



    Thanks Bryan

    I had managed to change only the layout of the homepage but couldn’t modify the single tour nor remove the map. I spent all day trying to do it but when I open the single tour there is not visual composer edit option

    Can you please help?



    My image will show you the place to enable visual composer for layout.


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    Thanks Bryan,

    I’ve followed your instructions but it doesn’t seems to work to modify the single tour result

    I could still edit other pages but when I go to Tours / Details and i open one of the 3 tour options “right sidebar feature”, or “left sidebar or “no sidebar discount” and i click on Edit with WP bakery, I can see the WP Bakery bar but I’m not allowed to change any of the elements.

    Can you please help?


    Thanks Bryan!

    Please ignore previous reply

    It took me a while to build a new tour template but now I had got it!! I just needed to make the new template and than associate it to the tour!

    I think we could close this ticket

    Have a good day!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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