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    1. The multilingual calendar will not update in next theme version 2.0.2 that available in next monday. – Okay i thought that it would be 2-3 weeks like told me but okay. The page has to go public deffenitly in the end of the month

    2. This topic will show you the way to build that header layout: NEED SOLUTION

    Full Video Header > I tried now everything, but i got only problems. I think this css makes the problem with the background pictures, thats why they arent vissible anymore. I removed now the css to that the page looks more less normal.

    I ask you kindly to check this thing with the header css: that what i get is this: http://prntscr.com/haxsak – but this is realy bad… also the main problem, the language switcher was not there who it should. Could you please take a look in the english version and try, than give me a feedback whats wrong or if its possible to do without make the things difficult with the background pictures ecc. should just look like your sample . Please try it to see what happening in the english language version

    3. I can see the problem has been fixed right now:

    365 OGLAS – OK

    4. I do not find what caused the problem so i have set a custom css code to make the background for it. – I removed it couse makes only problems. The problem could be in the header css

    5. You can set the number of rental display in one page result at Settings > Reading. – Okay, but a page weitcher could be avaiable? Cause, when there are more than 100 accodmodation, its not realy comfortable to have it all on one page, and it makes the page heavy

    6. You need add the code in theme settings for 3 languages. Please check again – will do



    1. We do a custom job to help you change it but we does not update it in new theme version.

    2. I have set up your english page to be transparent. You can check again.

    5. It will divide by pages in the corresponding number if you have more accommodations.



    Hi Bryan, thank you.

    I see it now… but is still teh sam problem. The language sitcher is not in line with LOGIN. I checked with all browsers. > should be like that > http://prntscr.com/hb5kkj


    In Mozilla, is also this problem.. the background is white > http://prntscr.com/hb5mkd



    The problem is there is no any place to display them in same line so it have to display in other line.

    If you want to move the menu to a bit bottom, i think the right menu item will display well.




    yes the menus should be should be in “second line in the center”

    In the first line: on the left the logo and on the rigth login, currency and the language.

    Im just looking where to find to cahnge the position of the menu in wp, cant find. and why the “header” has white background.



    Just fixed the issue on Firefox for you.

    Please check again.


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    They are default icons of google map. It can not be removed.

    Thank for your understanding.



    Hello Brian,

    i contact google, they its possible when the html of the map code wil be changed by a new code from google map deisgner. > https://mapstyle.withgoogle.com/

    Also, my homepage should go online finaly 8.12.2017 , what is the situation about the point with the calendar for multilingual?


    Good morning.

    Thank for your information.

    Currently, theme just load the default google map to display so all the default icons on the map still display.

    I will transfer this case to our dev team can check and consider make new option to build google map style.





    1. But you ignored my questions about the update for the multilingual calandar. From 2-3 weeks its now 2 months. – its now very important i cant wait anymore.

    2. Have a look at the picture “grauer streifen” . i cant reemove the gray line. Can you chec whats wrong. also the padding should be 100 from up and the bottom but doestn work.

    3. The new header insert the css is okay but makes a lot of problems during the navigation.I tried to change it but doesnt worked well. It should be like the picture “header” in attached, white background and the drope down also white with blue text. but it wond… attached the pic

    4. MegaMenu – The MegaMenu it removed from the tempalte cause i cant find it anymore

    5. I noticed that any locationhas more IDs for any language. Im afraid that also here like with the sync. caendar iim waiting for, there will be problems later.

    6. Also the calendar sync with ical doesnt work. It doesnt sync.

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    1. i will notify our dev team continue check your multilingual calandar.

    2. I have changed it for you by quick css that apply for only that section.

    3. I have changed the sticky menu background for your homepage.

    4. The problem is you have turn off mega menu feature. Please check again in Traveler Settings > Styling Options > Menu tab > Mega menu.

    5. In other language, the location will have different ID. When you using multi language, it like you using multi site in one server. The data has different ID of course.

    6. You can only import data from online calendar to theme. It does not allow to sync data back to online.

    Thank you.

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    1. I see you are using small column for rental layout so the can not display like the image.

    Please add AMENTIES and SUITABILITY to layout with each element on single row then you can add use css code to make 5 items on 1 line on frontend.

    .single-st_rental .booking-item-features-expand>li { float: left; width: 19%; }

    2. The rental service does not From price type. The From price available with Hotel service.

    3. When i edit your main page, there are no html code. It seem you have removed it.

    4. Our document bellow will show you more details of Mega menu options:

    Mega Menu

    5. We are working on to official update multi language for calendar that automatic sync data for each language.

    We hope can update it in next theme version.

    Thank you.

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