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    A. We have checked and consider to update it for all theme functions. It will available soon in next theme update. Please wait for few days.

    B. Each service has separate layout and element to use. You can refer our document of Rental layout bellow:

    Rental Single

    C. Please note: with all your problem, you should provide post url so i can help you check better because i can not find all your post then check your problem. It might not correct with your point.

    1. Please provide me your hotel url and room url so i can help you check it.

    2. Hotel and Location is 2 different types. You should duplicate location type first then do it with hotel/room.

    3. Did you add element to your post in layout of amenities?

    4. Unluckily, theme does not have List of Hotel Room element. The list of ROom only available in single Hotel page.

    6. You can edit your page and use the element that theme provider to build your page layout as you want.

    7.1. We use only one calendar format for all location except some of country that using RTL layout.

    7.2. I see your calendar has been translated to your language:


    7.3. Unluckily, theme only accept 5 card types. In order to add more, you have to change the code.

    7.4. The icon of Bed and Child has been fixed in next theme version.

    7.5. We will check and update it with the fix related to multi language.

    7.6. That is Activity tab. I have uncheck it from element search setting.

    7.7. You should change these words by Poedit:

    Manual Translation

    Thank you.

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    1. The problem is your hotel and room has not complete duplicate to other language, it still show question mark. (hotel detail.png)

    I updated your hotel and that room for you. Now it display the pencil that mean completed translate. You can check again.

    2. You create your location and duplicate it to other language. When you create hotel/room, select location for it and duplicate it to other language, theme will duplicate the location and selected same location (in other language) but your have to set the price and calendar available again.

    The best way is select location, set price, calendar available….again in other language.

    4. Because theme only display list of room in single hotel so there is no search form for room and display it in search result page like other service.

    7.1. I thought you are in European and using popular calendar style. Please description more details of the calendar style in your locate so i can help you better. Temporary, in order to change the style, you have to change the them code to get that.

    7.2. The problem is your file datepicker have wrong language code. It use “hr” but the language code of your site is “hr-HR”. I have fixed it for you.


    – The problem is your https protocol has been blocked the banner content. (banner.png)

    – I check your location setting and see you have configured the tab content display ST Rental service. You link you gave is ST Hotel (accommodation) so it can not display on that map.

    Thank you.

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    I checked and see the problem caused by your plugin: Popup Maker.

    Please deactivate it then check again.

    Thank you.

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    Regarding ticket 10369, i dont know how you managed to duplicate and that the “hotel” and “room” is vissib´le in all language.

    I created the hotel > duplpicated, created room > duplicated.

    Now going to correct all details, oclation, prices, availibitly.. but it doesnt save this information i insert. they reimains in the croatian language ,but in english and german not. also if you retry to change/add information > save. it doesnt save.

    And stil not vissible in the front page in english and german language the hotel and room.

    What is now wrong? There is no questions mark anymore nothing… i have to finihs this site. why doesnt work this? why it wont save? I have to fisnih the site this week after 7 months waiitng.. i cant if this is not working cause i dont know how it looks like! i cant do fucking nothing cause here iits nothing clear working.

    i have 5 days left to… insert the accomodations from rental to hotel, to translate, to fix the front page with search, acoomodations list (hotel) , activities list , tours liste, rental list, lcoation overview.

    i have to create mega menu with for acoocomodation (hotel) with map search, classic search, locations, also for rental,… and so on…

    why its not possible to have one page for one accomodation from wehere to work with languages and all… hwo to explain the partners of 50-70 years how to mangage the BO with 3 different languages.

    I have no time any more to check all, read all, cancel all… why does i t not save and be vissible on the front page?



    I created new hotel and room for test the save method and see it still work well with WPML.

    You can watch this video for more details:


    and check this room in German and English:

    Test room german

    Thank you.

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    New problems…

    1. the main page in all 3. languages changed during the night, the background is missing and the search field mived up…

    2. the half map hotel layout… the size of icons is smaller than other and the ” / ” in the price moved up

    3. here is the video with the translation problem of hotel/room: https://youtu.be/EuobBD8EOkM

    4. is there any way to chat with you to resolve the problems in chat much faster than this?

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    We see the problem of selection location in your site but did not yet find which problem caused that.

    We will continue check and fix it and contact you.

    Also with the header, you have to config it in 3 languages.


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