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    Hello support I need help regarding theme
    1. I cant save traveler settings. When I change and save the settings then its take 2 mint and error came not acceptable.
    2. SSL Problem. If I see in the console its show me one picture that is not converted into https But I delete the image and still showing me that warning when that image is converted into https then my SSL work.
    Please reply me ASAP. Thank You



    You should increase PHP max input vars to 3000 as our requirements bellow to make the theme work properly.

    Requirements For Traveler

    Also you should contact your hosting provider to help you check the SSL issue that does not allow to convert image.



    Hello support. Its not working I increase the php max input var to 3000 still I cant save my settings. I attach a picture whenever I say this things come

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    Your server does not response the request from saving action.

    Please try install theme on other fresh server or even localhost to check it.

    Then if it work well, you should talk to your hosting provider to fix or change to other server.

    Most of our customer used Blue host and Godaddy host.



    Hello I have a GoDaddy server and my client have a great package. The setting is working but when I update the theme then this thing happened to me. I cant save anything



    Did you check by install theme on other fresh server or location with latest theme package?

    This is the first time a get a notification from customer related to this issue.

    Thank you.

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    If your localhost save new setting as well, i think the problem come from your server that might related to security.

    I can not help to check server info in wordpress admin. You should contact your hosting to check it.



    I think I need to move this full website to the local and test that setting is saving or not. otherwise I contact to my hosting and they said that its not a server problem some content blocking this website thats why this issue appear


    We will wait for the result from you.



    Hello I just migrate my website into localhost and travel setting is working. know please guide me here. Did I reinstall the wordpress in my hosting again and migrate the localhost in to the website. If I do this then this thing works? please guide me thank you


    Hello, I find the problem. Long talk with GoDaddy support. Actually, our client activates the firewall in the hosting so the problem is mod_security. Godaddy cant unable this. so they suggest please read the message

    (Now, here’s the thing, I asked our Advanced Technical Team to check what can be done. The thing is, it works on the server because you have full permission to the settings, which you don’t have with the shared hosting specifically on disabling the mod_security. As I was advised, what you can do is to ask your theme provider to check if they can remove the script that will not cause for the mod_security to be affected.)

    Can you please do this thing



    Most of our customer has also use Goddady host and does not have this problem.

    We can not fix the server config with theme settings. The best help is your server admin.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Yes you are right. But we purchase a firewall in the godaddy hosting like no one hack the website or enter any script. there is a script in the website called mod_security. They said unable this code then your travel setting is perfect. firewall stop this script thats why I am facing a issue


    Can you please tell me you can I manually add the payment information because I cant save. Can I put through database anything

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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