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    Hello, Your theme along pretty good however there are few things needs to be fixed.
    1. Change the copy write to BNB Tree House at bottom of page
    2. in the slider booking search under advanced drop down there – rental types should not be there as we only rent tree houses. please remove advance search fields.
    3. – on the left sidebar of this page http://bnbtreehouse.com/search-rental/?location_name=New+York+City&location_id=275&start=30%2F08%2F2019&end=31%2F08%2F2019&date=30%2F08%2F2019+12%3A00+am-31%2F08%2F2019+11%3A59+pm&adult_number=1&child_number=0&price_range=240%3B480&taxonomy%5Brental_types%5D=55rental types appears again.
    4. can we shorten the urls of the pages?
    5. I can not register to list a tree house?
    6. In my user setting back end and looking at the test booking i placed. the date is 30/08/2019 on the rental details invoice and should be 08/30/2019
    7. No Social media login. I need social media login
    8. I waant to list others peoples can list their treehouses & I can get comissions how this setting will done or you can do for me.
    9.Slow site speed: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/bnbtreehouse.com/JEOmQfYX
    10. Getting this error message in wordpress: Your theme (Traveler) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.
    11. If i go to: Woocommerce in wordpress then settings then emails then customer invoice it says this one is manually sent?
    12.Getting errors in dev console when i inspect the pages with google chrome



    Sorry for late replied your ticket.

    1. You can edit footer.php and footer1.php in this folder to change copy right info:


    2. In new theme modern style, you have to custom code to remove advance search option from the search form.

    3. Yes you have select the booking option again before book rental.

    4. No you can not.

    5. Please description more details so i can help you check it.

    6. You can go to Traveler Settings > Advanced Options to set date format.

    7. You need set it up in Traveler Settings > Social Options section.

    8. I don’t understand this point.

    9. Please refer this document for more info:

    My Website Is Slow. What Can I Do?

    10. and this document for outdate message:

    Outdated WooCommerce Templates

    11. We just integrated woocommerce plugin with theme and use it as a checkout function. All the functions are default from plugin.

    12. We will check it.


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    Hello, I am waiting for your reply for 3 days. Why you are not answering my ticket. I hope you will solve my issue as soon as possible.Thank you



    Sorry for our late reply to you. We had a holiday last weekend.

    1. We don’t understand that point. Please show more details or images.

    2,3. It is an exchange rate of the currency. ( in theme setting > booking option > list currency). Please change the exchange rate from 1.06 to 1. It will be work.
    Because when you show a detail page ( not shown from the search page ) the price is the real price ( not yet calculate price ).

    4. You need to add your API key for each service you had enabled. This value in the theme is the default.

    6. According to the Envato policy. We do not support custom code.
    But we will refer you hide that with CSS. Please tell about us, what is this to hide (show image or more details)

    7. You had a config for email (SMTP)?

    You can follow the guide to show more details at

    How to get information accurately Gmail’s SMTP

    8. We check and that work (attach image)

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    You can follow my image to set up membership package page in new modern theme layout:



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