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    Hi I recently update my traveler theme and i have some quetsions
    1)In your update description you said that you are able in this new version a new service called transfers but this service never me show up Wy and how i can do for use it.
    2)Also you have the option for the use the rcaptcha in the loging form and the register form and more i already activate it this feature but never show in any of those places also i have the problem that after update my theme i can not see the register for of the register a new user the page show me in blank.
    3) I see that in your new update finally did you implement icalsync with the calendar of airbnb and i prove it and its work perfectly but i have one question did you able any option in the front end edit room from in the dashboar for put it this value the owner. How i can do this i means how i can do that the owner fron his dashboard be able to set the value of the ical for think the calendar.



    1. We are working on to build the content and documentation to show to customer.

    Please wait a few hours.

    2. Please turn on captcha feature and add your secret key then check again.

    Also do not forget deactive 3rd part plugin to make it work property.

    3. Currently, theme only allow to import data from ical for only admin panel. We will check and update it to work in partner dashboard in next theme version.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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