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    Ical functionality is not working properly.

    I have my properties into Airbnb and another Property Management Tool. I tried with Ical from both platforms and “Ical Sync” from Traveler is not working.

    Here is the ical sources: https://www.orbirental.com/calendar/17329.ics?showHold=1&itp=1 and https://www.airbnb.com/calendar/ical/14745526.ics?s=d3bcc8c5cce2b47d71fd763969c1ce7e

    Here is the Rental I’m using to try:
    – Public: https://www.orlandonasferias.com.br/st_rental/aquamarine-house/
    – Admin: https://www.orlandonasferias.com.br/wp-admin/post.php?post=6986&action=edit&lang=pt-br

    Please….need you to check what is happening.




    Your admin account is incorrect. I can not access your site with that credentials.

    I tried the link with my site and see the function is still working well.

    Please check it again.


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    Hi Bryan,

    Just updated the password. You can use the same sent before.

    About the issue… the problem is not from airbnb link. The problem is releated to my version from Traveler that is not connecting (sync) with the Ical from other platform.

    Need it fixed to keep my operation working.

    Could you check again?




    This problem has been fixed in version 2.1.1.

    You should update your theme/plugins to new version to make it work:

    Traveler Changelog



    Hi Bryan.

    I upgrade the version and te Ical is working.

    BUT, the loading of entire website in mobile stopped work. Need you to check that..my operation is being impacted seriously.

    Could you check it?




    The problem is all service have some same classes to load like booking button, price system…so when you deactivate Car service and Activity service, theme can not find these classes to display.

    You can go to Traveler Settings > General Options to enable Car, Tour, Activity service to make your site is display well now on mobile.




    In my case I will not use Car, Tour and Activity. What’s the impact?

    It should be fixed as an issue from template.




    I did the changes but the mobile menu is not showing.

    What is the problem now?



    I also realize the Rental Images is not loading on mobile.



    Your rental images are displaying well now on mobile devices.

    Please clear cache then check again.

    Also the disable service will be fixed in next version.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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