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    Dear Bryan
    I saw that you already lunch a new release of the Traveler Theme and i have some question 1.Have this new version the sync with the ical and google calendars in real time. Because in you previous you only do an import of the bookings of those calendars.
    2. Did you also do in this new version that the partners from his front end can set his calendars sync.
    3. In this new version you have and option that allow to the partners dont way for the admin approval when they register as partners in the web site but for my web site this option dont work because i have enable this option and still mus be to aprove Can you check this isues for mi



    1. Unfortunately, the synchronize data in real time between theme and online service does not supported yet in this version. We will check and continue make it full compatible soon.

    2. Partner has only available calendar. They can not use Sync calendar right now.

    3. I do not know what the customized code do you have in child theme because when i activated parent theme, the feature work well.

    Please check it again.



    Dear bryan i really apreciatte all the support that you provided me along to this time i just want to suggest you that try to talk with the developement for include in the next update of the theme the feature
    1 Real time ical sync whit the airbnb calendar and other because at the moment you only import the bookings not more and this is really uncorfortable when you manage your hotel because you need to import the booking every day at least.
    2 Let the partners from the front end set his ical sync parameters.
    3 Another feature is that make something for the part when you create the cars transfer you need to do some for allow to the partners select one of more journey at the same time not do it one by one



    1.2. I will talk to our dev team about that.

    3. Like the admin, when creating journey, partner and admin have to do it manual one by one.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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