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    I bought your theme,
    I made the import of the demo, but it downloads badly, why?
    Can you fix the problem



    When i check your site, the content display well in your site.

    Please contact if you have any other question so we can help you check it.



    Thanks you for your reply

    There are no pictures of the demo…

    I would like to put a logo in place of the text Saracom, I do not know what size should it do?

    Thanks you

    Best regard



    Following the copyright of the image author, we only have permission to use the picture on our demo site so when you import demo, there are no picture. You can check the settings and create new post and use your image in your site.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Thanks you for your reply

    How to put the blue color on the menu bar, as on the screenshot https://prnt.sc/he9uka
    How to put the title of the site in bold as on the screenshot?

    Thanks you

    best regard

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    Hello the site is visible again,
    and I have this as a message when I download the plugins look at the screenshot


    Thanks you for your assistance !



    That is the warning of wordpress when using Bulk install. Don’t worry, it does not effect on theme function.

    After install, you can move to Plugin to activate the plugin you want.



    Thank you for your answer !

    How can I put a blue rectangle on each category of the menu as on the screenshot.
    I thank you for your assistance!



    The admin account is no longer work anymore. Please check again so i can help you do it.


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    I have changed the color for menu item by this css code in Theme Options > Styling Options > Css code:

    .navbar-default .navbar-nav > .hovernav > a {background: #33c8ee;}

    You can check again.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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