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    Hi Bryan,

    I was trying to figure out how to import tours from a CSV and have them be associated with their respective locations in the theme.

    When I was playing around with WP Import, I saw that in tours that there were custom fields available named:
    st_administrative_area_level_2, and

    If I were to get the full version of WP All Import, would I be able to link my events to the corresponding locations by setting the value for each of those fields as the country, city, etc?

    Would that work? Is there a better way? I really don’t want to have to update each tour manually with a location.

    Either way, I want to know what my options are before I spent $99 on the full version of the import software.




    Theme still import that custom meta box as well. WP All Import will automatic detect the data to assign for that meta.

    I attached a CSV of our tour data for your check with plugin.


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    Thanks. This is helpful. In the file for the administrative area fields, why is it formatted like “new-york|new-york|new-york|new-york”? It looks like you have the city name 4 times for each field. What’s the logic?

    Thanks again



    It is just the data structure. When you view the file via WP Import plugin, it display only one location data.

    Thank you.


    I couldn’t get the import to work based on the answer you gave me on the other post. Or this post.

    Again – what tag do I upload each location as? Is it one of these?

    Then, in the field, do I just put in each location ID?

    I see the CSV you sent me but can you send me a more detailed example perhaps?



    WP All Import is 3rd plugin. You can refer our document for more details and refer plugin document to get more information:

    All import

    A location need ID, Title, Content of some type of meta. You can see it when import it.



    Yeah, but independent of WP All Import – what meta does the theme use for location? It seems to be one of those 3?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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