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    Did you custom any code for the calendar section? because i see your calendar data has been duplicated so it make the rental does not appear on search result page.

    If not, i will help you remove all duplicated data on calendar to make it work again.



    No i have not any custom code at all.
    How is that possible and how to avoid it in the future?
    Is that something i can do myself hereafter or do i need to get you guys to do it?


    So all calender data will be gone then or? Because its a big jobb getting it back again 🙂



    It will only remove the duplicated data. The main data is still there.



    Ok..are you doing it now or? Because now it shows 8 of 23 instead of 6 as it was earlier…so far anyway


    I will do it now for you. there are have 2 more rental display because of my checking.



    Is this duplicate data in the calender also affect the problem with the “available calender” vs the bookingform…i mean the fact that the bookingform not showing the data from the calender concerning available and unavailable dates?
    In the nglish vesrion it works but not in the german and swedish version



    The problem has been fixed.

    Please upgrade your data then check your rental again:

    Why should you use upgrade data feature?



    They show now…super. But no dates are set as unavailable…thats gone.

    But the problem with the available calender is still there.

    Look at this one https://stibes.com/de/st_rental/eken/ . I have set novemebr as unavailable.
    In the english version you look at the public available calender and then click on the check-in in the form.
    In the english version the dates correlate with the calender, right? But not in the german and swedish.

    And therefor its possible to book “unavailable” dates???

    I have run the upgrade data, sync and deleted the cash

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    Really need to fix the problem with the calender vs booking form Its as important as the rental show problem.

    And second…how to show all rentals independent of available or unavailable…look at the page https://stibes.com/all-cottages-stibes/. I want to show ALL rentals.

    If i write the IDnumber for the rentals i want to show on the page in the field “List ID for rental” does that fix it?



    The problem has been fixed.

    You can check it again.

    Also theme is only display the available rental on front page.



    So if the rental is unavailable today it is not showing???…So how are the customer be able to rent it tomorrow looking at site today????


    In that case, customer have to make a search to see the available to book.



    Can you tell me what you did to fix the problem with calender and the form.

    Ok, so a page like “all rentals” is not a good idea then? Means that search fields must be considered mandatory…always. otherwise they dont show.

    But the strange thing is that they where showing before the problems started with the rentals not showing??

    So in order to show what you have to offer the customers you need to create a static page then with all the rentals and then link them to the individual one, right?



    We changed some files to fix that issue.

    With the list rental policy, i will transfer to our team to check and consider to update it that display all rental start from current date.


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)

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