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    We are not able to complete paypal sandbox payments while testing our store tour booking functionality.

    For example when you try to book a day tour on our website you will get this error once you submit after filling out all details in popup.

    Here is the error screenshot :https://www.screencast.com/t/uMjkevF64dP

    Also, we would like to know how we can disable a date from the calendar once all 6 people seats for the day gets complete booking.



    Paypal has changed to new method for sanbox feature. We have fixed it in theme 2.0.1.

    We will release new theme version tomorrow. Please update then check again.



    Hi Guys sorry for jumpin in I have tested with paypal sandbox just now and all worked right <I get the receipt and the booking is shown in Booking Managment

    1. You must create a paypal account or use your own
    2. Go to this link , log in and in dashboard , go to sandbox
    3. Paypal automatically create 2 accounts, one for seller one for buyer, just set the 2 accounts passwords in profile
    4. Replace all the default data for paypal in payment options is pretty straightforward
    5. when paying, you will see that is a test in page title , login with buyer account (that why you should set your buyer account pass)

    Hope this helps, as I said my paypal sandbox is working fine


    Thank for your information.

    Please contact if you have any problem with theme so i can help you check it.


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    In latest theme version, the Deposit by Amount has been removed by some security issue. Theme only provide Deposit by Percent now.



    Hi Bryan,

    This will be a big problem for us as we already configured all our tours based on Deposit by amount and how can you remove a feature given in initial release inside future update. I don’t understand this process. This will create issues for all theme users who are using this feature.

    Please provide us the fix asap as we need this feature to be there inside latest version and working.




    For some safety reasons and a new pricing mechanism, the deposit by amount option is no longer suitable so we removed it.

    Thank for your understanding.

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    We just support theme’s functions. You can feedback to us at contact@shinetheme.com about your situation.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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